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10 Totally Unique Gifts for Mermaids!

Here are the top 10 totally unique gifts that you can get for your Mermaid at the Island Mermaid Tribe Shop! 

1. Who doesn't love the new round beach towels?  This one comes in a gorgeous ombre blue with Mermaid scale.

2. Mermaid Scale Capris, Leggings and so much more can be found with this great totally unique print that everyone loves!


3. They are not easy to swim in.... but a Mermaid tail is a great gift for young and old Mermaids alike!

4. REAL wood custom iphone cases!  Everyone loves these and think they are so cool!

5. This adorable silver or gold plated Mermaid Swimming Charm Necklace can be engraved for the special Mermaid in your life!  You also get to choose the birthstone color! 


6. Mermaid scale car seat covers!  These super soft car seat covers come different mermaid scale print colors.  


7. Does your Mermaid love to dive?  She'll love this bangle that can be engraved on the back!  It's also available in gold or a pendant for a necklace.  Seriously adorable!


8. Lots of Mermaids love their wine and this stainless steel powder coated wine tumbler is another great custom and personalized gift that comes in a ton of colors!!  There are also regular tumblers if wine is not her thing.

9.  Does the Mermaid that you know like to fish?  If so, this Reel Mermaid hoodie is perfect.  Lady Anglers will find lots of cool and different things at this shop!



10.  The last item in this lineup is for the Mermaids who like to hunt and wear Camo.  We've designed a completely new print called Mermaflage!  There is a huge variety of items available in this print!


If you like something you see or want something custom, reach out to the folks at the Island Mermaid Tribe and ask. We love customizing products to make them special and completely your own!